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The Android app keeps crashing / I can't login

Follow the steps below:
- Go to: Settings » Applications » Manage applications » OSM » and tap on Uninstall
- Go to the Play Store and re-install the App.
If you keep on experiencing difficulties, please send an email to [email protected] with your username, your smartphone specifications, and the android version currently running on your device. We will try to help you as much as we can.

I can't install OSM on my Android device

Try the following:

1. Make sure you have at least 50MB of free space on your device.
2. If you have installed OSM before, go to Settings » Applications » Manage applications » OSM » Move to phone.
3. Remove the SD card (switch off your device first).
4. Try to Install/Update OSM.
5. Place back the SD card.

If you are still experiencing problems, contact us below.

Who will buy my players?

Selling your worst and/or redundant players is a good way to generate cash in order to buy much needed reinforcements to your squad. These players can be sold either to other clubs in your league or to foreign teams.

How to buy players from other leagues

The leagues on Online Soccer Manager are not connected with each other, so it is not possible to buy players from teams in other leagues. In order to attract foreign players you have two options:
» Wait until these players randomly show up on the transfer list
» Use the scout
Please note that the scout is only available for Ticketholders.

The transfer list won't open

This means you're using an older version of the Android app. Please update to version 2.20 or later and the transfer list should work fine again.

I'm get an error whilst trying to login (iOS 7)

When getting an error ("An error occurred while loading all data") on account select using iOS 7, you should change your cookie settings to at least: "From third parties and advertisers". Find this setting at: Settings -> Safari -> Block Cookies. Our app uses cookies to ID your account which is why you should accept them.
After changing the setting, close the app (double-click home and swipe the OSM app upwards) and re-start it. Then everything should work just fine!

When installing the game, I get error 498. What should I do?

Error 498 means your device doesn't have enough cache memory to install a new application on your device. You can fix this by cleaning your cache memory before installing the application or by clearing the market data via settings » applications » all » market » clear data.

Any app larger than 20-25MB is too big for certain devices, namely Samsung devices, to download at one time. Try to use cacheFixer at Google Play as well.

I get the message "com.facebook.sdk error 2"

- ​Open Facebook on your iPhone
- Go to settings, apps, Online Soccer Manager
- It says here OSM can use your Facebook account. Turn this off.
- Now go to the OSM app and log in with your Facebook account. Everything should be fine now!​

What's the best tactic/formation?

Your tactics depend on your formation and vice versa. Use your own soccer knowledge and plain logic and you should do just fine!

My team disappeared after the first season

That’s correct. Online Soccer Manager is a one season game and is optimised as such. At the end of every season your results will be stored in your profile and possible trophies are added to your trophey cabinet. If you're a Ticketholder you also gain manager points, enabling you to rise in national and world rankings.

Why aren’t the matches simulated at a more convenient time?

Every day, the simulation takes place at the same moment all over the world. Managers in Brazil, Australia or Italy all have different time-zones and there's no way we can please them all. However, you will always have 24 hours to set up your team for the next match.

I get the message "Package file invalid" when trying to install OSM

When you're trying to install an app or a heavy game on your Android device you might recieve the error message “Package file is invalid“, especially when you are using a Wifi connection. To fix this error on Google Play Store, please follow the next steps

Go to: settings » applications » open all applications/manage applications » move to Google Play Store » clear data and clear cache.

Try to download the game again from the Google Play Store.

I can't move Private Funds to my club Balance

We're currently having a bug regarding moving Private Funds to your club balance on iOS 7 only. Older iOS versions still function correctly.

We're aware of this bug and we are working as fast as we can to fix this in the next update. Please bear with us!

In the meantime, to move your private funds to your club balance you are able to do this on our website www.onlinesoccermanager.com.

What are Private Funds?

In order to buy new players you can purchase Private Funds and invest them in your club. You can't lose your Private Funds, even if you resign from your team. However, money once invested in your club can't be recovered. So make sure you only transfer the money that you need from your Private Funds to your club. There's no limit to how many times you can use your Private Funds.

Web & Facebook: Go to control centre » Click on Private Funds on the right » Pick a payment option on the bottom
iPhone & Android app: Control centre » Tap the finances block » Tap Private Funds in the middle » Pick an amount on the left of the screen and follow instructions.

Please check if Private Funds are allowed in your league. If the league moderator has disabled the Private Funds option you won't be able to buy or use Private Funds.

How do I resign?

Think carefully before you resign from your position as manager. If you decide to do so, you will lose all your manager points and your history will be gone. In addition, the resignation will be showw on your profile. Furthermore, after you resign from your team, you're not able to pick a new team for 48 hours.

If you decide to resign anyways, here's how:
Web & Facebook: Menu » Club » The Board » Resign button is below the Analyst on the right.
iPhone & Android app: Control Centre » Board » Resign button is below the Analyst on the right.

My scout did not find any player. Why is that?

The most common reasons are:
» There are no players available that meet your search criteria.
» Someone from your league has scouted the exact same player you were looking for.

Feel free to use http://www.ofmscoutlist.com for details of all scoutable players.

What are Tickets?

With Tickets you have access to special features. You can watch your last match on the scoreboard, play the game without advertisements, use extra training camps and so on. With Tickets you will have a lot more fun!

To order Tikcets on our website and Facebook, please go to: Menu » Manager » Tickets » Order tickets » Pick a payment option
For users of our iPhone & Android app: Menu » Scroll to the right twice » Tap in the middle » Follow the instructions on the screen

Please note that when you use Tickets on (multiple) sub-accounts, one day per sub-account will be deducted from your total.

What are secret trainings and training camps?

If you don't want your opponent to spy on your tactics, you can schedule a secret training (behind closed doors). Doing this will keep your tactics secret from the other managers in your league until the next match. Training camps give your players some extra motivation for the next match and will boost their performance.

Tip: If you use a secret training before using a training camp, the use of the training camp will remain hidden from your opponent!

Can I watch the matches live?

No, that’s not possible with our current simulation engine. However, you are able to watch the match on the scoreboard after the simulation has taken place. Please note that the scoreboard is for Premium Ticketholders only.

What are Free Tickets?

You're able to become Ticketholder for free. Complete one of our offers at the "Free Tickets"-section and enjoy all benefits of being a Ticketholder. Free Tickets are only available on our website and on Facebook. We will introduce Free tickets in our apps in the near future.

To get free Tickets on the website & Facebook:
Menu » Manager » Tickets » Free tickets » Choose your offer

When are the matches played?

This depends on the server you're on. The Match Calender will tell you when your match results will become available.


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